Sustavnosna teorijakulturologija-msintezologija-m

Why the portal sintezologija.hr? The answer is simple, it summarizes in the best way the research carried out primarily at the Chair of Polymer Processing of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb during the time period since 1968 to the present days.

The term synthesiology originated almost a century ago. The Tübinger professor of anatomy, Martin Heidenhain used it in an attempt to describe the human organism through systemic science (1920). In spite of a relatively long existence of this term, the field of synthesiology failed to experience any major development.

Important bases for successful synthesiological approach include general systemic theory and culturology. Based on planning the experiments, it was at the end of the 1960s that the injection moulding procedures, more precisely, the injection moulding of thermoplastic melts started to be researched on the basis of systemic theory. Later, these studies were expanded to other procedures of injection moulding, manufacture of polymer products, as well as on the language, Plato’s The Ideal State and globalization.

Starting from the original J. Beckmann’s definition that technology is a comprehensive science about the interconnectedness of technology, economy and society /1777), first the technological (1986) and then also the culturological concept with culturology as the top culture science was developed. This has created the assumptions for rounding up the past research on the principles of synthesiology within the project Implementation of General Systemic Theory in General Technology (MZOŠ, 2007 – 2010).

Apart from general data about the project, systemic theory, culturology and synthesiology one can find also the biographies of the head researcher and part of the researchers who participate in the project. At some study programs in Croatia the basics of systemic theory are taught and therefore the available curricula are provided. Culturology is studied in Croatia as part of spiritual culture, and therefore the terms of culturology on this portal and in the university practice do not coincide. In Croatia there are two societies dealing with systems: The Croatian Society for Systems and the Croatian Interdisciplinary Society. At the same time, three Journals are published: Sustavsko mišljenje (Systemic Thinking), Sustavi (Systems) and Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems, with links from this portal.

Synthesiology will experience an ever stronger development in the future. Therefore contributions in the field of social-humanistic and other sciences are planned, that would include works of other researchers.

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